Messy yards are the greatest

Having a "clean" landscape is actually bad for the all of the critters. Yards with nothing in them are essentially a waste of space. They are high maintenance and provide nothing in the way of habitat and often are a detriment to the larger area due to excess plant material being discarded and not having trees and plants for shade or air cleaning. Click the title above to go to a great article on this!

Ethos Restoration Landscapes

Ethos Restoration Landscapes hails from western Wisconsin in the Driftless Region. I am constantly inspired by the deep valleys and forested bluffs of the region that escaped the last glaciation. The region is thus rich with the plants and animals that spread out and repopulated Wisconsin 650,000 years ago.

I realize that due to increases in the human numbers, habitat loss, water loss and pollution, air quality issues, deforestation ect., that the world's ecologies are often impacted beyond their ability to bounce back. We are getting used to a shifting based line of less biodiversity. In an effort to support the flourishing ecological richness of the world I decided to start

I am Juliee de la Terre MS. I have a graduate degree from the Gaylord Nelson Institute at UW Madison.


The season for healing

Spring is an amazing productive time. Everything wakes up and races to reproduce before conditions change. Climate change is putting more and more stress on countless organisms across our country and the world. That is why it makes sense to provide support to our local ecologies. We can do this by being mindful of what natural processes look like. For instance, the loss of our native pollinators can be linked to pesticide use and loss of habitat. What is this habitat? It is messy areas with hollow stems or undisturbed soil. Bees don't want us to "clean up" everything. On a certain level "clean" means death to the natural world.